Tim Titchmarsh - Software Consultant

Tim Titchmarsh

I've always had a fascination with electronics and software. From an early age I'd study schematics of books I borrowed from the library and built my first walkie talkie and metal detector from parts scavenged from old radios and tv's I'd found dumped by the roadside. As a kid I loved building and flying model aircraft.

That led me to join the Royal Air Force as an avionics engineer where I spent many happy years working on various cutting edge avionics systems culminating in a 7 year posting working on 51 Sqn and a tour in the Nimrod Software Team.

After my tour in the RAF and benefiting from their excellent training in both avionics and software I left to join a start-up developing one of the first UK tax filing systems (if you've filed a tax return you've probably used some of the software I helped design with a great team at Digita - now part of Thompson Reuters).

I then decided to start my own contracting and consultancy business. I have held a number of senior positions, interviewed, recruited and built teams of software engineers and developers of various sizes. I consult and contract out my services to various companies and organisations mainly in the UK but have also completed projects for companies in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

I have experience in many sectors including finance, insurance, recruitment, government, NHS, engineering, public safety both in the private and public sectors.

I mainly work remotely from my home office (seems very popular these days!) where I have all of the tools, servers and software required to design, develop and deliver software-based solutions for companies that maybe don’t have the expertise, equipment or programmers to create and deliver the solution themselves. I work closely with the project lead or main sponsor, can travel overseas if required and work as part of a team or individually as the requirements dictates.

Besides architecting, designing complete systems or upgrading existing solutions I have extensive business knowledge, and work closely with companies to get the most out of their systems, be as efficient as possible, automate where possible, integrate disparate systems, migrate data, break up monolithic systems into microservices, innovate and look at ways of reducing costs through IT focusing on helping businesses take advantage of Cloud based solutions via Microsoft Azure AWS, and other Microsoft based technology solutions.

My latest project involved working at the Home Office of the National ANPR system and re-architecting to a cloud based solution, member of the change control board, security working group and liasing with suppliers.

Core Skills

  • Cloud: Serverless solution design
  • Frameworks: ASP .Net Core, MVC, Blazor
  • Data: SQL Server, CosmosDB Database Design, Tuning, Data Import & Conversion, Hosting
  • Data Entities: Entity Framework, LLBLGen, Entity Developer, Dapper
  • Azure: Serverless, Functions, Durable Functions, CosmosDB, WebApps, Static Web Sites, CI & CD Hosting
  • AWS: Lambda,  Serverless
  • Languages: C#,C, VB, JScript, JQuery
  • Visual Studio subscription (All versions)
  • Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Integration, VBA, Automation, PDF generation, Merging, Geo Mapping, IOT
  • Control suites: Telerik, SyncFusion, Radzen, Blazor 
  • Hosting: Azure, AWS, Private Cloud
  • Reporting: SSRS, Stimulsoft, Telerik
  • Conversions: Iron Speed, ASPX, Access
  • Other: Kendo, 3rd Party Integration, Sage Integration, Audio Streaming 
  • Agile, Scrum, Design Patterns, CI & CD, Git

Contact Me

If I can help, please feel free to give me a call, lets talk: +44 (0) 1621 835002 where I can discuss your requirements and offer some ideas, suggestions and possible solutions to get you going today

They Say:

"We have worked closely with Tim on the Nexus Metro Cycle Locker Project for several iterations.

Tim designed and implemented the backoffice database and software along with the station controller for all stations on the Metro line.

He integrated well with the client maintaining excellent communication and feedback.

Tim's work was of the highest quality, delivered on time and has proven itself in the field.

He has also provided excellent support, training and guidance in a timely and professional manner for the end client and our team so I would thoroughly recommend Tim"

Craig Sime LockitSafe

"Tim has worked with BiTEA for several years to design and deliver various leading edge software solutions to Public Safety organisations and constabularies.

He has shown enthusiasm and commitment to delivering workable, maintainable software solutions on time and within budget.

He has been a great source of knowledge on various designs and troubleshooting and communicates well with clients.

We would not hesitate to recommend Tim to other companies looking for a committed, knowledgeable and trusted partner."

Phil Durham BiTEA

"Tim has worked closely with us to design and develop an internal intranet site to manage our Insurance Indemnity records for the nation's museums, art galleries and cultural property.

After several planning meeting at our regional UK offices and working closely with the internal team, Tim worked remotely and implemented our requirements in a timely manner.

The application is used daily and is proving a great success.

After the initial rollout Tim has upgraded the application to add further refinements and take on the support role.

We are very happy with the application and are working with Tim again."

Carol Warner - Arts Council

"Tim has worked with SETS for several years inheriting an old system and modifying and updating to cope with the new demands of our cleaning station.

Tim has offered creativity and a positive attitude to problem solving and has worked well with our staff in Dagenham.

I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for an excellent and reliable solutions designer."

Dave Bone South East Tankers

"We asked Tim to to design and build build a database application that stored patient records for our podiatry department.

The application needed to allow clinicians in NHS Northants to store, edit and view patient data in one central location.

The back-end admin solution provided allows us to easily update, maintain and report from designated areas as required.

Tim handed over the finished application and provided ongoing support both for the applications and our toolset generally."

Kelvin Lack NHS Northants

"We have now completed 2 very successful projects with Tim.

We required a senior developer and database designer who could grasp the concepts quickly and deliver a reliable

solution to meet our tight deadlines.

The software is fast, reliable and user friendly.

We would definitely use Tim again."

Mitch Digby - Spinnaker Global

Clients have included:

7 Layers

Affinity Sutton

Allen Vanguard

Amlin Insurance

Anderson Consulting

Arts Council


British Transport Police


Deutsche Bank


Dorset Police

DPS software

Graham Sykes Insurance

Henderson Global Investors

Home Office

MOD Devonport


Museum of Modern Art



Portland Financial

Retail Locations

South East Tankers

Spinnaker Global



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