Case Study - Arts Council Indemnity Project


To design a replacement for the Government Indemnity Service project to allow administration, monitoring and reporting of the country's museums, treasures and artefacts.


A .Net project integrated with SQL Server to record, monitor and report on indemnity insurance records. Project is used by the internal Arts Council Team and museum curators etc. Reports are generated for internal monitoring and measurement and for presentation to Parliament for sign off every 6 months. 


The solution was originally a .Net Web forms Applications written in C#. As of end 2020, the solution was migrated to a .Net Core 5 Blazor application. The solution was hosted and deployed internally by the Arts Council IT DevOPS team hosted on IIS and using Sql Server as the datastore.


There were several challenges:

  1. 1
    Access to the client Public Safety network can only be done locally or via secure citrix session with monitoring and restricted access. This required that the solution worked straight out of the box and could integrate with exisiting systems and security requirements without causing the local IT ops guys issues or sleepless nights.
  2. 2
    Monitoring of issues could not be accomplished remotely in real time so extra efforts were made to record problems and audit database changes to allow subsequent investigation, reporting internally as required.
  3. 3
    Clear lines of communicated needed to be instigated to ensure successful remote working of all parties. This was achieved with a combination of Microsoft Teams and Citrix remoting.

Skills Required

Skills & Tools

Back End

All projects in the solution used C#. Upgraded from web forms to Blazor .Net 5 project types. Visual Studio 2019 integrated with Git

SQL Server

Sql Server data store, accessed via Dapper db layer with custom wrappers.

Front End

Completely written in Blazor .Net 5 with custom Blazor control suite.

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