DotNet Architect

(Cloud Architect & Software Developer)

  • Looking to start a new cloud software project, database or mobile app?
  • Struggling with legacy code or database?
  • You want to migrate to the Cloud (Azure or AWS)?
  • Complete implementation - Design, Develop, Deliver
  • Microsoft Engineer - C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, CosmosDB, DynamoDB, Azure Cloud, Blazor, Asp.Net Core, EF Core 
  • Need an API to connect with other apps?
  • Your website or app is slow and needs a turbo charge?
  • You need to import/export lots of complex data
  • Looking for some down to earth advice?

About Tim

Cloud & Technical Architect with over 25 years’ experience helping companies envisage and shape strategy.

Designs technical solutions for the Cloud to solve business problems and architecting business components across software, infrastructure and networks. 

Very capable of taking responsibility, making decisions, finding solutions and trouble shooting.

Good communicator with excellent inter-personal skills and tells it like it is. Strong leadership and seamless integration with teams at all levels.

Experience of working in both public and private sector.

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What they say


Gis Manager - Arts Council England

We had a number of calls with Tim who was very helpful in exploring possible solutions for our internal web application and the pros and cons of each.

He came across as as clear, concise and professional. We has now worked with us on several iterations of our internal GIS application.

Phil Durham

Business Owner, Bitea Ltd

Tim has now become our goto guy when we need to discuss a new idea or concept. His breadth of knowledge is outstanding and he always comes up trumps. No time wasting, no pressure just good solid advice.

Tim has been the driving force on many projects we have worked on together and his designs have proved robust and resilient over many years.

Mitch Digby

Technical Lead, Spinnaker Global Ltd

I remember our first call - we were looking for someone to help us with a database that we had internally and Tim seemed to have all the answers, no BS or fluff. It was well worth the initial consultation to understand the possibilities.

We have used Tim to design, build and implement several cloud based solutions which we use regularly and have proven very reliable and  easily customisable.


Commercial Director - LockitSafe

When we have a technical challenge I call Tim. He gives us straight answers and has worked with us on the technical design and development of the Nexus Metro Cycle Locker Project.

 Kelvin Lack

NHS Development Manager

We called Tim as we had hit a roadblock with our internal development and needed advice on the best way forward. From that initial call Tim got more involved with the process, implemented a couple of first class solutions and today remains on speed dial!